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Mesh Load

Loads Meshes from disk from standard formats.


Tags: Mesh


File Name [File]
Name of the file to load.
Rotate Axis [Boolean]
Rotates the loaded meshes by 90º around the X-Axis. Useful to compensate for differences in the Up vector, since many systems use Y-Up, while Sceelix uses Z-up.
Flip Faces [Boolean]
Flips all mesh faces. Useful to compensate for differences in face winding order (clockwise vs. counterclockwise).
Flip Texture [Boolean]
Flips the V coordinate for all texture coordinates. Useful to compensate for differences in UV setup (V-Up or V-Down).
Load Materials [Boolean]
Indicates if the materials should also be loaded. Default is True.
Reset Absolute Paths [Boolean]
Indicates if the referenced files/textures, if defined with absolute paths, should be reset and made relative to the defined "Texture Folder" parameter. This is useful when the models were save with absolute paths referencing paths from other computers.
Texture Folder [String]
Folder name/path, relative to the file, where the textures can be found. Useful to compensate for possible mismatches between the locations indicated in the imported file and the actual texture locations. For example: "Textures", "../Images", "Files/Textures", etc.
Name [Attribute]
Name of the attribute that should store the "Name" of the mesh.


This node has no native inputs.


  • Output [Mesh]: The loaded mesh entity.