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Actor Scale

Applies scaling transformations to Actors.


Tags: Actor


Amount [Vector3D]
The amount on each axis to scale.
Mode [Choice]
Indicates how the scaling should be performed.
Relative means that the indicated amount is a factor, which will be multiplied by the dimensions of the actor.
Absolute means that the indicated amount is the absolute size that the actor will assume after the operation. If a value is negative, it will be set to a value proportional to the other dimensions.
Additive means that the indicated absolute amount is added to the current size of the actor.
Relative To [Choice]
Indicates if the scaling for the given axes is relative to the scope or to the world.
Pivot [Compound]
The pivot that defines around which point the actor will stretch.
Position [Vector3D]
Position of the pivot.
Offset [Choice]
Indicates if the position is measured as absolute units or scope-size relative value (between 0 and 1)
Relative To [Choice]
Indicates if the operation should be relative to the scope's direction or to the world.


  • Input [Single | Actor]: The Actor to process.


  • Output [Actor]: The Actor that was processed.