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Surface Modify

Applies modifications to the given input Surface.


Tags: Surface, Change Cell Size, Layer Convert, Change Resolution, Recalculate Normals, Invert, Smooth, Stepify


Contains several operations.


Operation [Select]
The operation to be applied to the surface.
Change Cell Size [Compound]
Changes the cell size of the surface, but maintaining the overall size.
Cell Size [Float]
New square size of each terrain cell. Using a higher value, multiple of the current cell size can be delivered quickly. Should be a multiple of the surface total Width and Length.
Layer Convert [Compound]
Converts layers between different types.
Layer Index [Int]
Index of the layer to convert.
Type [Select]
Type of conversion (origin layer and destination layer) to perform.
Blend to Height [Compound]
Converts a blend layer to a height layer.
Scale [Float]
The scale to multiply the blend layer.
Height to Blend [Compound]
Converts a height layer to a blend layer.
Texture Index [Int]
The texture index of the newly created blend layer.
Change Resolution [Compound]
Changes the number of vertex columns or rows (by changing the cell size, internally), but maintaining the overall size. Especially useful to enforce certain resolutions before saving
Resolution [Int]
The vertex count to enforce for the chosen target (i.e. columns or rows)
Target [Choice]
The dimension to be changed. The other dimension will be changed accordingly to maintain the size.
Recalculate Normals [Compound]
Recalculates the normals of the surface based on the height layer, so as to create a steady, smooth effect.
Invert [Compound]
Inverts the values of the surface's height layer, turning the highest values into the lowest ones and lowest into the highest.
Layer Index [Int]
Index of the layer to convert.
Smooth [Compound]
Applies a 3x3 averaging matrix on the surface, creating a smoothing effect that can be applied several times.
Layer Index [Int]
Index of the layer to convert.
Intensity [Float]
Intensity of the smoothing. Higher values will result in a smoother effect.
Iterations [Int]
Number of smooth iterations. Higher values will result in a smoother effect.
Skip [Int]
Number of cells to skip when sampling. Higher values will result in greater smoothness at no performance cost, but sometimes can result in a pixelated effect.
Border [Int]
Number of border cells to skip in the smoothing process. This will avoid discontinuities when several surfaces are placed next to another.
Stepify [Compound]
Performs value quantization on height layers, creating a "step-like" effect.
Layer Index [Int]
Index of the layer to convert.
Size [Float]
The size of each step.


  • Input [Single | Surface]: The surface to be modified.


  • Output [Surface]: The surface that has been modified.