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Surface Divide

Divides surface layers into new surfaces according to specific criteria.


Tags: Surface


Groups [Multi-Type List]
Criteria by which the surface should be divided. If none is indicated, the whole set of layers will be considered.
Attribute [Compound]
Divides the layers by attribute value, i.e. building sets of layers that share the same value.
Value [Object]
A parameter that accepts any type of data. Is set as an expression by default.
Type [Compound]
Divides the surfaces into sets of layers that share the same type.
Separate [Optional]
if true, each one of the layers of the surface will be placed into a separate surface entity.
Separate [Compound]
Separation options.
Attributes [Choice]
Defines what the attributes of the individual surfaces should be: if they should take the attributes of the parent, use the ones of the layer or mix both.
Resolution [Choice]
Indicates if the resolution of the resulting surfaceEntity should match the one from the original surface of should retain the one from the layer.


  • Input [Single | Surface]: The surface to be divided.


  • Output [Surface]: The divided surfaces, according to the defined groups.