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Mesh Unify

Unifies faces and vertices of meshes.


Tags: Mesh, Remove Coincident Faces, Unify Planar Faces, Unify Vertices


Operations [Select]
Type of unification operation to perform.
Remove Coincident Faces [Compound]
Removes faces that may be connecting the same vertices.
Unify Planar Faces [Compound]
Unifies faces that lie on the same plane. Vertices should be shared, so applying a vertex unification first may be necessary.
Unify Vertices [Compound]
Merges mesh vertices that are overlapping (or positioned close together) into the same vertex reference.
Tolerance [Float]
The distance tolerance used for determining if two vertices should be joined.


  • Input [Single | Mesh]: The Mesh to process.


  • Output [Mesh]: The Mesh that was processed.