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Osm Load

Loads features from OpenStreetMap files into point, path or mesh entities.


Tags: Actor


File [File]
The OpenStreetMap file to be loaded. OpenStreeMap files can be downloaded from by choosing the "Export" section on the top menu of the site.
Center Results [Boolean]
Indicates if the loaded data should be centered on the origin (0,0,0) or not. Easier for data manipulation and to reduce precision errors.
Tags [Attribute]
The attribute where tag information associated to each Openstreetmap feature is stored.
Meta [Attribute]
The attribute where meta information (id, author, etc.) associated to each Openstreetmap feature is stored.


This node has no native inputs.


  • Output [Actor]: Actors that were loaded. Depending on the file, it could return points, paths, meshes or a combination of all.