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Performs flow filtering according to defined probability value.


Tags: Entity


Seed [Int]
Seed that controls the random distrubution.
Method [Choice]
Defines how the list of probabilities is handled:
Weighted means that if the sum of probabilities does not reach 1 or goes over 1 (i.e. 100%), the values with be scaled accordingly so as to consider all cases.
Absolute means that the sum of probabilities is capped at 1 (i.e. 100%), meaning that some entities could end up being discarded or some probabilities could end up not being considered.
Probabilities [List]
List of probabilities or weights, each between 0 and 1. Does not have to add up to 1 - instead the values are summed and divided by the total amount.
Value [Float] [Adds ports 1]
Probability/Weight, between 0 and 1, that controls how likely is it for the entity to come out through this port.


  • Input [Collective | Entity]:


This node has no native outputs.

Parameter Outputs#

  • [1] Probability [Entity]: