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Groups or ungroups entities.



Operation [Select]
Type of grouping operation to perform.
Group [Compound] [Adds ports 1, 2]
Groups actors, creating a group entity.
Criteria [List]
Criteria for grouping entities (based on the properties of each entity). If non is indicated, all the entities will be sent into the same group.
Criterium [Object]
Criterium for grouping entities. The @@attributeName refers to the attributes of each entity.
Merge Attributes [Boolean]
Indicates if the resulting groups should carry the common attributes of their children.
Ungroup [Compound] [Adds ports 3, 4]
Ungroups actor group entities into their subentities.
Attributes [Choice]
Indicates what kind of attributes the newly ungrouped entities should possess.
Parent and Entity means that the attributes defined for the group will be added to the ungrouped items (only complementing them, not overwriting).
Parent means that the attributes of the ungrouped items will be the ones from the parent.
Entity means that the ungrouped items will only maintain their own attributes.


This node has no native inputs.

Parameter Inputs#

  • [1] Input [Collective | Entity]: Set of entities to be grouped.
  • [3] Input [Single | Group]: Group to be ungrouped.


This node has no native outputs.

Parameter Outputs#

  • [2] Output [Entity]: One or more group entities, grouped according to the specified criteria.
  • [4] Output [Entity]: Entities that were contained in the group.