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Entity Create

Generates empty entities, which can be used to carry Attribute data and serve as impulses to source nodes.


Tags: Entity


Method [Select]
Type of entity creation method to run.
Files [Compound]
Creates as many entities as the files in a given folder. Stores the name of the file in an attribute. Useful to create an enumeration over files.
Folder [Folder]
Folder from which the file names should be read.
File Name [Attribute]
Attribute where the file name will be stored.
List [Compound]
Creates as many entities as the entries in a list. Stored the content of each list entry in an attribute. Useful to iterate over lists of numbers, strings, or sets of data.
List [Object]
A parameter that accepts any type of data. Is set as an expression by default.
Item [Attribute]
Attribute where the list entries are to be stored.
Standard [Compound]
Creates empty entities, with the possibility to assign an index value to each outputted.
Count [Int]
Number of entities to create.
Index [Attribute]
Attribute where to store the index to identify and enumerate the created entities.


This node has no native inputs.


  • Entities [Entity]: Created empty Entity instances.