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Actor Scope

Applies scope transformations to Actors.


Tags: Actor, Orient Scope, Reset Scope, Rotate Scope


Operation [Select]
Scope operation to be applied.
Orient Scope [Compound]
Rotates the scope so that a given scope axis direction faces a certain direction. For instance, setting the axis direction "X" to face (0,0,1) will rotate the actor so that its X-axis arrow faces the Z-Up direction.
Axis [Choice]
The scope axis that is meant to be oriented.
Direction [Vector3D]
The direction to which the mentioned axis should be facing.
Reset Scope [Compound]
Resets the scope orientation so that it becomes aligned with the world.
Rotate Scope [Compound]
Rotates the scope around an axis.
Angle [Float]
The angle to rotate.
Axis [Vector3D]
Axis around which the rotation should be performed.
Relative To [Choice]
Controls if the indicated axis is relative to the current scope or to the world.


  • Input [Single | Actor]: The Actor to process.


  • Output [Actor]: The Actor that was processed.